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LOS DINARES NO SON UNA INVERSION ... El esquema de los dinares se encuentra en el uso de informaciones falsas para conducir a la gente a comprar dinares de Iraq ... LOS DINARES NO SON UNA INVERSION ...El esquema de los dinares se encuentra en el uso de informaciones falsas para conducir a la gente a comprar dinares de Iraq.



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PostSubject: "THE SITUATION CONCERNING IRAQ"     "THE SITUATION CONCERNING IRAQ"  Icon_minitimeWed Dec 22, 2010 9:50 pm

United Nations S/PRST/2010/27*

Security Council Distr.: General

15 December 2010

Original: English

10-69507* (E) 171210

Statement by the President of the Security Council

At the 6450th meeting of the Security Council, held on 15 December 2010, in connection with the Council’s consideration of the item entitled
“The situation concerning Iraq”
, the President of the Security Council made the following statement on behalf of the Council:

“The Security Council reaffirms its commitment to the independence,
sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of Iraq, and emphasizes the
importance of the stability and security of Iraq for its people, the region, and
the international community.

“The Security Council supports the inclusive political process and
power-sharing agreement reached by Iraq’s leaders to form a representative
national partnership government that reflects the will of the Iraqi people as
displayed by the parliamentary election of 7 March 2010. We encourage its
leaders to continue to pursue a federal, democratic, pluralistic and unified Iraq
based on the rule of law and respect for human rights.

“The Security Council reaffirms the need to combat all forms of
terrorism and that no terrorist act can reverse a path towards peace, democracy,
and reconstruction in Iraq, which is supported by its people, the Government
of Iraq, and the international community.

“The Security Council welcomes the positive developments in Iraq and
recognizes that the situation now existing in Iraq is significantly different from
that which existed at the time of the adoption of resolution 661 (1990).
Consistent with resolution 1859 (2008), the Security Council also welcomes
the important progress Iraq has made in regaining the international standing it
held prior to the adoption of resolution 661 (1990).
In recognition of Iraq’s
progress in supporting the international non-proliferation regime and
complying with disarmament treaties and other relevant international
instruments, its commitment to taking additional steps in this regard, and its
provisional application of the Additional Protocol to the Comprehensive
Safeguards Agreement with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA),
pending its ratification, the Security Council has adopted resolution 1957
(2010) which lifts the restrictions imposed by resolutions 687 and 707 relating
to weapons of mass destruction and civilian nuclear activities. In recognition
of Iraq’s success in closing out remaining contracts in the Oil-for-Food

program, the Council has also adopted resolution 1958 (2010) to terminate the
residual activities of the Oil-For-Food program. And in recognition of Iraq’s
progress towards the establishment of effective and accountable successor
arrangements for the transition of the Development Fund for Iraq, the Security
Council has adopted resolution 1956 (2010), which terminates arrangements
for the Development Fund for Iraq on June 30, 2011. Welcoming the progress
made by the Governments of Iraq and Kuwait towards the resolution of the
outstanding issues between both countries, and encouraging their further
cooperation, the Security Council calls on Iraq to quickly fulfil its remaining
obligations under the relevant Chapter VII Security Council resolutions
pertaining to the situation between Iraq and Kuwait.

“The Security Council welcomes Iraq’s reintegration into the region and
encourages Iraq and all regional states to deepen and broaden their
relationships and to conduct those relationships in a spirit of partnership and

“The Security Council reaffirms its full support for the United Nations
Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) in advising, supporting, and assisting
the Iraqi people and Government to strengthen democratic institutions,
advance inclusive dialogue and national reconciliation, facilitate regional
dialogue, aid vulnerable groups, strengthen gender equality, promote the
protection of human rights, including through the establishment of the
Independent High Commission for Human Rights, promote the protection of
affected civilians, including children, women and members of religious and
ethnic minority groups, and promote judicial and legal reform.

“The Security Council commends UNAMI, headed by the Secretary-
General’s Special Representative, for its support throughout the electoral
process, consistent with its mandate.

“The Security Council encourages UNAMI’s continued work, in
coordination with the Government of Iraq, to provide protection and help
create conditions conducive to voluntary, safe, dignified, and in particular, the
sustainable return of Iraqi refugees and internally displaced persons, and
stresses the importance of further attention to this issue by all concerned.

“The Security Council underscores UNAMI’s important role in
supporting the Iraqi people and Government to promote dialogue, ease tension,
and encourage a negotiated political agreement to the nation’s disputed
internal boundaries, and calls upon all relevant parties to participate in an
inclusive dialogue to this end.”

"Prohibido Olvidar los embustes fomentado por los famosos rumoristas del patio para beneficiar las ventas a los dealers amigos de ellos y cojer de pendejo a la gente humilde de este pais por querer ganarse una comission bajo el engano de informaciones falsas de las fechas y rates del RV del Iraqui Dinar".

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