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LOS DINARES NO SON UNA INVERSION ... El esquema de los dinares se encuentra en el uso de informaciones falsas para conducir a la gente a comprar dinares de Iraq ... LOS DINARES NO SON UNA INVERSION ...El esquema de los dinares se encuentra en el uso de informaciones falsas para conducir a la gente a comprar dinares de Iraq.

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 Revolución Dinares en Octubre.

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PostSubject: Revolución Dinares en Octubre.   Sat Sep 14, 2013 1:43 pm

Miembro comité de finanzas visión crecimiento positivo de economía del país a través de cambio de divisa 2013 Sept 14 mejora Haidar Al-Abadi , la Comisión Parlamentaria de Finanzas dijo, "las próximas semanas se verá más en el valor del dinar frente al dólar, lo que reforzará la confianza del mundo." Según el Sr. Abadi la nueva política del Banco Central de Iraq será de gran beneficio para la moneda valor del dinar iraquí contra dólar.

Veremos que se van hacer los Brokers, dealers y sus kkaguates gurus y pumper cuando suceda lo mismo que sucedio en la revaluación de 1166 y lo unico que hicierón los  supuestos incautos inversionistas soñadores fue, seguir :sleep:con ser millonarios y el bolsillo de los estafadores cheers

Vamos a ver cuando en las proximas semanas que su inicio fue desde el 9 de Septiembre se de el fenomeno del CBI pensar, analizar y ejecutar 2013-2014 y los supuestos inversionistas y digo supuestos porque todos ellos les hicierón ver a los incautos que esto era una inversión y todavia tengan que seguir Sleep 

Que dirán entonces...echelen la culpa a las  noticias e informaciones? Noticias e informaciones que ellos mismos se han encargado de tergiversar, especialidad de los estafadores.

Verán que en las proxímas semanas llegara October  y los mas emocionante que pasara sera e1, 31 HALLOWEEN y estara el dífraz de dinares que hara orilla.


Finance committee member sighted positive growth of Iraqi economy through currency rate improvement [Views: 68]Haidar Al-Abadi, the Parliamentary Finance Committee stated, “The coming weeks will see more improvement in the value of the dinar against the dollar which will enhance the confidence of the world.”
Finance committee member stressed n passing law for deleting zeros [Views: 1038]A finance committee member of Iraq stated that a law for omitting zeros from Iraqi currencies should be passed in order to confront the issues like debt and money frozen.
Committee has been formed by Council of Ministers for unifying USD price [Views: 905]
The Secretariat General of the Council of Ministers formed a committee that is working on identifying the price of the US dollar in return of Iraqi dinar for all purposes.
Finance committee confirms deletion of zeros from Iraqi currency [Views: 969]
On this Wednesday, the Financial Committee has confirmed that the year 2014 will see the deletion of zeros from the Iraqi currency, indicating that the deletion will be in coordination with the Central Bank.
CBI Tuesday auction session witnesses decline in USD $ sales [Views: 423]The Central Bank of Iraq announced a decline in the dollar sales in the auction session of Tuesday compared with Monday auction session where the dollar sales reached USD (275,976,000)
Deputy inquired about the reasons behind the lack of improvement of the Iraqi Dinar value [Views: 1688]
Member of the Commission stressed the economy and investment in the House of Representatives on the need to host the Acting Governor of the Central Bank. He also charged the officials to find out the reasons that prevent achievement of tangible progress in the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar.
Federal Reserve and Oil Export are the biggest factor for IQD exchange rate [Views: 932]
Iraqi financial expert stated that the value of Iraq’s Federal Reserve currently amounts to about $80 billion, following the recent increase in the country’s oil exports. Nevertheless, no information was made available by the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) to this effect.
Delay in omission of zeros from Iraqi currency may harm its economy [Views: 1539]The lifting of the international sanctions from the Iraq government has taken place recently. This led as a chance for the Iraqi government to reduce the difference between Iraqi dinar and other foreign currencies. There are so many discussions taking place of late and most of the economists favor Iraq to omit zeros from its currencies. The Central Bank of Iraq is looking at this matter with high concern and due to building process of strategies, there are some delays. However, there is a threat that has be
Existence of counterfeit banknotes acknowledged by Iraqi commercial market [Views: 591]The existence of the counterfeit banknotes in the commercial market has been acknowledged by the CBI or Central Bank of Iraq. The bank also affirmed that it will take all necessary steps to remove these counterfeit banknotes from the commercial market of Iraq. Though, it has not mentioned the time frame within which it will remove all those counterfeit banknotes.
Economist says Iraqi dinar exchange rate is paving towards stability [Views: 797]Abbas, the economist mentioned that with an overwhelming majority, the exchange rate of dinar in comparison to the US dollar will bring stability in the Iraqi market.
Kazem Al-Shammari calls for setting a date to reset Iraqi currency [Views: 1729]Kazem Al-Shammari, spokesperson of white parliamentary bloc has urged for making an appointment to reset the Iraqi currency.
Economic committee member urged CBI to resume the project of deletion of zeros from Iraqi dinars [Views: 1414]Parliamentary commission of economy and investment of the Central Bank has been called by Iraq news network, in order to discuss the significance and process of deletion of zeros from the Iraqi currencies. It has to be noted that Iraq has recently got freedom from the sanctions of Chapter VII and according to the economic experts; it is advantageous to make decisions regarding restructuring of Iraqi currency at this moment. As the sanctions have been withdrawn, it is expected that Iraq will gain more busine
CBI announces decline in USD $ sales during Sunday auction session [Views: 572]The Central Bank of Iraq announced a decline in the dollar sales in the auction session of Sunday compared with Saturday auction session where the dollar sales reached USD (188,759,000).
Fall of USD in Iraq has been anticipated by the economists [Views: 1453]It has been presumed that the fall of economy or Iraqi dinar price is not a big concern now. After a few efforts and withdraw of the chapter VII sanctions, Iraqi dinar price has become stable to some extent. With the rise of economy of the country and growing foreign investments in this region, Iraq has been anticipated to do well in future days, as opined by the team of experts.
Controversies on dinar ‘reform’ amongst the Iraqi officials [Views: 969]Two Iraqi parliamentary committees monitoring fiscal policy in Iraq have held two contradictory positions on the Iraqi currency “reset” project, which would delete three zeros from the currency. Controversies were there regarding the feasibility of this project and some of the experts have opined that it will take a long to implement.
Finance Committee Member says IQD exchange rate will improve soon [Views: 2530]
Anticipating Financial Committee member MP, Kurdistan Coalition, Delair Qadir, Iraqi dinar exchange rate improved significantly against the US dollar after some measures have been taken by the Central Bank of Iraq and of the provisions of Chapter VII.
Selling price to dollars has been reduced recently in Iraq [Views: 745]
Private Banking Association of Iraq has announced the determination of private banks to reduce the dollar exchange rate to 1180 instead of 1183.
Parliamentary finance committee member says omitting zeros from Iraqi dinar is positive [Views: 906]On this Wednesday, a member of Parliamentary finance committee, Hassan Salman al-Bayati stated that the process of omitting zeros from the Iraqi currencies is positive and much need for the uniform development of the country, in its industrial sector as well as in the financial sector.
CBI should preserve IQD price, says parliamentary committee of Iraq [Views: 1028]
The Economy and Investment Parliamentary Committee demanded the Central Bank of Iraq to maintain the price of the Iraqi dinar in exchange of foreign currencies.
Fluctuation in Iraqi dinar rate contributing to the rise in inflation [Views: 711]Economist Abbas Al Ghaliby has recently ruled out a decline in inflation last month, indicating that the data does not perceive the real indicators as much as what is speculative.
Economist suggests well researched action before reducing the amount of selling the USD [Views: 531]The Economist called Majid mock, in order to examine the proposal of institute economic reform as the judge has reduced the US dollar exchange to stabilize the currency value of Iraqi dinar.
Avoiding currency dropping suggested to CBI by parliamentary committee member [Views: 1432]
Iraqi Economic parliamentary: the process of deleting zeros of currency will imbalance state budget.
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Revolución Dinares en Octubre.
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