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LOS DINARES NO SON UNA INVERSION ... El esquema de los dinares se encuentra en el uso de informaciones falsas para conducir a la gente a comprar dinares de Iraq ... LOS DINARES NO SON UNA INVERSION ...El esquema de los dinares se encuentra en el uso de informaciones falsas para conducir a la gente a comprar dinares de Iraq.

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PostSubject: DINARISTA SERIOS    Sun Jan 18, 2015 11:18 pm


Left Holding Worthless Dinar?

The lawsuit form below is for investors that have purchased Iraqi Dinar under pressure or who were mislead into believing the currency would revalue and provide great wealth. Lawsuits are popping up from individual investors but it takes money to hire an attorney and they don’t work for free… Unless, there are enough people that have been wronged and enough proof exists to warrant a class action lawsuit.

If you’ve been duped into buying dinar, let us know. Tell us what made you buy, and why. Perhaps you read comments on forums, a dinar review website or an article that convinced you to make the plunge? If so, let us know – we have a proven method of finding out who owns what websites, who is getting kickbacks and an online relationship algorithm that can tie the dealer into the information you thought was unbiased and trustworthy.

The only way for us to research a dealer is for you to let us know about your purchase and what led you to buying dinar. Simply fill out the form and if we find legal recourse, you’ll be notified. Everything you enter is completely confidential. Please be as detailed as possible.

Iraqi Dinar Lawsuit

Your Name


Your Email Address*

You'll receive an email ONLY if the dealer that sold you Dinar is being investigated.

Your Phone*

We'll call only if the dealer you purchased from is being investigated.

Information About DealerInformation about the Dealer that sold you Iraqi Dinar*

Please include the dealer's website address (if more than one, include them all) and other identifying information.

Date you purchased the Dinar*

If you purchased from the dealer more than once, enter the first date.

How much Dinar did you buy?

How much Iraqi Dinar did you buy, how much did it cost you. If the dealer has a layaway or other program that you bought into, please provide details on that as well.

Tell Us Your Story!*

What pressured you into buying the dinar? Did a forum pump it up and if so, web address of the section that sold you. Please be as specific as possible. Does dealer have multiple websites? Know of content writers pumping for the dealer? If so, list that as well.

Important Information

The goal of this form is to collect information about dealers who may have mislead customers into buying Iraq's new currency, the Iraqi Dinar.

Filling out this form does NOT mean any action will be taken; however, if enough complaints show up for a dealer, then an investigation may be launched that could develop into a class action lawsuit. Should this occur, we'll notify you using the contact information you provided above.

Note: You may be interested in the Investor Complaint Form over at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission which allows you to send your complaint to the SEC.

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Posts : 3908
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PostSubject: Re: DINARISTA SERIOS    Sun Jan 18, 2015 11:19 pm

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